Open Call

Our call is open to all individuals, agencies, art collectives or producers that own the rights of short length audiovisual work, including documentary, argumentative, experimental and/or video-art. Short films must have been produced in film, video or animation format.

FICICA will take place from 15th to 19th of August in Barranquilla, Colombia and through virtual channels. You are all welcome to visit us!

¡This is what you need to know to participate!

1. Please make sure that your short film fulfills the following requirements:

  • The length limit of the short film is 25 minutes; no exceptions will be admitted.
  • There are no restrictions on the topic of the short film.
  • Short films spoken in a language different than Spanish must include subtitles, either embedded or in SRT submitted in an attached document. The translation must be professional, accurate and coherent in regards to the language. The subtitles must be in a convenient size and a color appropriate to the background that make it easier to read.
  • The call is open only for short films produced during 2022 and 2023 Before the closing of the call.
  • You are able to participate with multiple shorts. Just make sure all of them have been released during 2022-2023.
  • Short films must have an excellent quality in image and sound.

2. Si tu corto cumple los requisitos por favor inscríbelo ¡ya! A continuación las instrucciones:

  • Visit / / and submit your short. These three online submissions platforms will be the only ones where the films will be received and selected. Other reception channels will be enabled only for films that come from countries with legal web access restrictions, these cases will be evaluated individually by the festival management and programming team, if this is your case please write to
    Inscriba su películaClick for Festivals - Connecting Films and Festivals
  • Take into account that for 2023, the festival will charge the submission of some shorts in addition to the platform fee. This charge is stipulated as follows:
    • Short films with Colombian production or coproduction will have free submission to the festival.
    • Short films with international production will have a 5USD submission fee.
  • Submission platforms will be open for submissions until March 24th 2023 6:00 PM (18:00) Colombian time. With the following deadlines:
    • Until March 10th free submission to international short films.
    • From March 11th till March 24th 5USD submission to international short films.
  • Upload your short film(s) in any of the following two platforms / / and attach:
- Short Film Poster.
- 2 high resolution photos.
- Technical sheet
- Synopsis in Spanish and English. Both languages.
- Document with Spanish subtitles in the case the film does not have them embedded.

3. Wait patiently until June 20th, 2023 when we will publish on our official webpage: the short films that have been selected. Remember, having submitted your short does not mean it has been selected.

4. If you short is selected

We will contact you to the email you specified in your registration, informing you of the steps to follow in the process of participation in the festival. All official communication will be made through email, we ask you to please check your inbox and spam box permanently.

5.A curatorial selection team will evaluate and choose the works that will be exhibited during the festival.

In addition to this, a selection will be made that will enter competition and will be evaluated by a team of qualified judges in the following categories:

- Best Local Short Film *Aimed to short films of Directors from Barranquilla or residents of the city.
- Best National Short Film.
- Best International Short Film.
- Content for Children Award * This award is given to the best short film with content aimed for children. (This is an additional award, not a category).

If you are selected in any of these categories, you will receive an email notifying you that you have been nominated to compete for the possibility of winning the Statuette "María Mulata" and USD400.

6. The winners will be announced during the closing night on August 19th

Which will be broadcast live through our web channels, the names of the winning films will be published on our social networks, in addition to our website. After its publication, the organization will contact those responsible for the winning works via email, in order to inform them of the steps to follow to receive their award.

Please take into consideration:

The owners of the rights to the short films officially selected for exhibition and / or competition authorize FICICA (International Short Film Festival Cine a la Calle) to show the short films during the event. For this reason the official selection can be exhibited at a venue in the city of Barranquilla and/or virtually through channels provided by the festival. Through email, the process of exhibition rights of all the selected films will be carried out, depending on the case.

The short films received and selected will remain as material in the Festival's video library, if there are exhibitions of a purely cultural and educational nature after the festival, they will only be made if they have the approval of the owners of the rights, who will be informed of these events previously.

For any question regarding this call please contact us: